• Cadillac and Airstream figures on a table

    Self Care Sunday- Retro Target Finds

    When I shop at Target I usually take a few minutes to browse the Spot’s Playground area and see what is new there. Recently, they had a cool, retro themed summer collection that I had to get some things from. This collection features shades of pink and jade green and has a Palm Springs vacation vibe. There are several retro looking hotel signs, some cute frames, luggage inspired storage boxes, and light up plastic figures. (There are also some ceramic boxes in cactus and flamingo shapes. I didn’t purchase any of them.) This is one of the signs: I got these two figures:  A pink Cadillac and an Airstream trailer.…

  • Used lipstick on a dresser
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    Drugstore Makeup Woes

    I have recently been trying to purchase (or repurchase) several classic shades of Revlon and Maybelline lipstick. Some colors are hard to find. The major problem is someone has already touched or tried on the ones I do locate. Thankfully, Revlon puts a seal around their lipsticks so that is less of an issue there. (Although I did run into a situation where the only tube of a color I wanted had the seal missing. It didn’t look swatched but I didn’t want to chance it, regardless.) The biggest issue is with brands like Maybelline that don’t seal their lipsticks. My local CVS had one tube of a color I…

  • Classic cars
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    Back to the 50s 2024

    Happy 4th of July. I’m finally getting around to posting some things from last month. After debating for a while I did decide to go to the Back to the 50s car show on June 22nd. The weather was gloomy but mild that day. I got to the Fairgrounds a little after noon, which was still in time to see most of the pinup contest. It was interesting to see the kinds of outfits the contestants chose and how the pageant worked. In the first round the contestants were introduced and the emcee said a few things about them. (I’m assuming they were asked to answer these questions after their…

  • Notebook and fountain pen
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    Wednesday Deep Thoughts

    This is something new I’m trying. The weekly deep thoughts are whatever is on my mind at that time. Whatever has me thinking and wondering. This week, what I’ve been thinking about is ads on blogs. What is the issue? I understand why bloggers Have ads on their sites and that signing up for one of the major ad networks is a simple way to monetize a blog. What I don’t understand is why they put so many ads on their posts that the content is hard to read. This especially applies to pop-ups and pop understand, and video ads that autoplay and cover part of the content on the…

  • Lipsticks and nail polish on a table
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    Continuing my pinup journey

    It’s June. One of my favorite months. Not only is it my birthday month, but there are a lot of fun events in my area. One that always gets my interest is the annual MSRA Back to The Fifties weekend. It’s a three day get together of street rod and classic car enthusiasts that takes place at the State Fairgrounds. I always enjoy seeing all the classic cars driving around town that weekend. I’ve never actually gone to any of the events though. I’m thinking that might change this year. (Although the weather forecast is giving me pause. It won’t be too hot but I’m not thrilled about the possibility of…

  • MacBook on table with coffee mug
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    Pinterest WTF?

    I have had a Pinterest account for more than 12 years. Over that time, I haven’t really used it that much. That had never been a problem until now.  I have been working on promoting this blog more. One of the things I wanted to do was post on Pinterest more regularly. I created a nice image to promote yesterday’s handbag post and made a pin with it. I also followed a blog I read regularly. (So one pin and one follow.) I then went to update my profile. While I was in the process of doing that (the second time since my changes didn’t stick the first time.) I…

  • Box purse on a table
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    Summer Purse Roundup

    It’s Memorial Day weekend. Technically it’s still spring, but it’s the time of year I always start preparing for summer. I get out of storage and wash my summer dresses, and start wearing some of my summer accessories. This includes my white or light colored purses. This post will focus on a few of my favorites. First, is this cute, jeweled bag I got at Target this past week. I actually lucked out in getting this one because when I was originally looking for it last Sunday I didn’t see any in the store even though the website showed them in stock. I happened to look at the accessories section…

  • Front of comic book shop
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    Early May Geeky Post

    Last Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. It was a pleasant day and the first FCBD that felt close to normal since the pandemic. I was also looking forward to it because there was a new 15th Doctor comic this year. I went to my usual comic shop, The Source Comics and Games. It was pretty crowded but there wasn’t a line out the door like there had been in previous years. They had bags of free comics to give out and tables in the back with a variety of comics artists selling artwork and merchandise. I got my free comics and looked around for a while. The line to…

  • Daffodils
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    Self Care Sunday- Spring Edition

    Happy almost Earth Day. It’s finally starting to feel a little more like spring. It’s still been cool recently but the daffodils are starting to come up and I saw the first dandelion of the season recently. That was nice to see after the last few days of freeze warnings and having to wear a knit cap and scarf when going out.) I love seeing nature awaken from its winter sleep. I also love the fresh spring colors. Along with pinks and blues, I’ve also been enjoying wearing purples. Here are a few favorite purple outfits. This is the swing dress in sea serpent print with a powder puff top…

  • Coffee cup and nail polish bottle
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    Self Care Sunday

    Today is the first Sunday in actual spring. (And Palm Sunday for some.) Unfortunately, it looks more like winter out. (I am thankful that the storm doesn’t seem as bad as they predicted. We’ll have to wait and see what the next couple of days bring.) I’ve spent a pleasant day relaxing at home. It was refreshing after the busy couple of weeks I’ve had. Yesterday was a pretty nice day out and as well as doing laundry and tidying up around the apartment I went to the Co-op and then to Target. I hadn’t really planned the Target trip but then I remembered that their Diane Von Furstenberg collaboration…