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Barbie Dreams

Like a lot of other people, I also got caught up in the hype for the Barbie movie this summer. This post will show some of the themed things I bought. (Another post will show fashion and jewelry items.)

The hype for the movie also made me pull out the Beautiful Bride Tracy and Malibu Skipper dolls I still had from my childhood, and start a small collection of current Barbie dolls.

Here is a picture of me with the Tracy doll as a child. (This was in 1982 or 1983)

Child sitting on the grass holding a doll.

I was surprised at what good condition my two dolls were in considering I had gotten them originally in the early 1980s. (Or maybe I shouldn’t have been since I wasn’t the type of child who wrecked her toys.)

Here are the Tracy and Skipper dolls now.

It’s interesting to see the difference in the new style dolls versus the originals. I think I personally prefer the older style. That’s partly why I really like the re-released version of Superstar Barbie that I bought. (Even though I never had that particular doll as a child.)

Here are the new dolls I bought. I got the Superstar Barbie, a 60th anniversary Barbie in a black and white dress, two of the Barbie movie dolls (Barbie in pink dress and Ken with surfboard), and a Rise & Relax Barbie.

Here is a picture showing the difference between old style and new style Barbie dolls.

Two Barbie dolls on a shelf with a sign between them.

I also purchased some things from the NYX Cosmetics, Kitsch, Tangleteezer, OPI Barbie collabs. I was surprised at how fast the collections sold out. (The NYX collection wasn’t available at all at the Ulta I go to, several days after it came out. I’m glad I ordered that online from the NYX site the first day it was available.)

Not surprisingly, some of the NYX items are going for huge amounts on Ebay. (That always seems to happen with limited edition items. I’m happy with what I got, although I would have liked to get the Ken palette as well. My only complaint is that most of the shades in the eye palette are marked as not eye safe. I’ll probably use the pressed pigments anyway. I don’t have sensitive eyes and I’ve never had issues with other such pigments. (I don’t care about staining either.) I wish they hadn’t included those glitter shades though. I don’t trust pressed glitter around the eye area. They might be good as face highlighters though.

The pink nailpolishes look surprisingly good on. I’m usually a red or dark nailpolish person but once I put on the pink shades I really liked them. I’ve started wearing more fall colors now but I still put the pink on when I want a pop of color or to match an outfit.

The last movie related item I got was several tie-in magazines. I thought it was fun to learn more about the movie and about the history of Barbie dolls. It was also fun reminiscing about dolls that were around when I was little.

magazines and lipglosses

My next post will feature Barbiecore fashion and jewelry items I’ve been loving this summer.

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