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Self Care Sunday

It’s March now and starting to feel like spring. At least temperature wise it is. Today it was in the upper 60s. (It was also gray for part of the day and very windy. ) I went out for a short walk anyway. It was pleasant but there weren’t many interesting things to photograph since everything is still pretty brown and bare.

March is always a transition month. It seems a little less so this year because of how warm and snow free the winter has been. That being said, I still like spring and look forward to the bright flowers, holidays, and new makeup and lighter clothes. I have mixed feelings about daylight savings time, bugs, and having to wear more sunscreen.

This week I want to talk about self care as in doing small, special things for yourself from time to time.  I try to regularly give myself little gifts. It could be something as simple as having good coffee and dark chocolate, or watching a favorite movie or TV show.  Maybe it’s buying a new lipstick or pair of earrings.  It could even be just giving myself permission to sit and do nothing or spend some time scrolling Reddit or watching videos on TikTok.

A favorite way I treat myself is doing my makeup and dressing up just for me. I feel good when I’m wearing something pretty and there doesn’t have to be any other occasion than the fact that it’s Wednesday or it’s spring or I just feel like it. I’ve gotten used to people asking me why I’m so dressed up or what the occasion is. I just say it’s how I always dress. (And it is how I usually dress. I also feel more comfortable in a dress than in jeans or sweat clothes. Pants just feel restrictive to me for some reason.)

Here are a couple examples of outfits I may wear.

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