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self Care Sunday

It’s that time of year I hate. The day after Daylight Savings time begins. (I still don’t understand why Daylight Savings time is still a thing. It made sense when we were an agrarian society and when lots of kids were walking to and from school. Neither are the case now. They should just abolish the whole thing and keep time the same all year.)

I always dislike losing an hour, and it takes a while to get used to it being lighter later. The only positives are that I can take outfit pictures more easily in the evening if necessary and I can go for walks later. Thankfully, this year the time change didn’t seem too bad for me.

On this day I try to do some special things for myself to help ease the transition. Starting with sleeping late and having some good coffee. I also made some time to listen to some good music and watch some funny online videos. I also wanted to get myself the blush from the new Chanel spring makeup collection. Unfortunately, it’s still not out at Chanel counters. (I’m glad I bought some other pieces from the collection online.) I did get one of their new Rouge Allure Nuit Blanche lipsticks when I went to the Mall of America last week.

It’s also March 10th today. Mario day (Mar10). 

I wore a red dress and made time to play some Mario games on my Switch. (I went old school and played Super Mario 64. I also played Sonic & Mario at the Olympics.)

Here is my outfit of the day. I am wearing the red roses Ingenue dress and powder puff top in red from Vixen by Micheline Pitt. I am also wearing a Grace Karin petticoat, Real Metal necklace I got on, cherry earrings from Pinupgirl clothing, and Strictly Comfort shoes.

Lipstick on a dresser with perfume bottles

Here is the lipstick. This collection was based around the idea of a night out. The eight colors are named for each of the hours between midnight and 7:00a.m.

The collection has special outer packaging and the lipsticks come in limited edition matte white cases. I got 00:00, a pretty sienna red.

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