Cadillac and Airstream figures on a table

Self Care Sunday- Retro Target Finds

When I shop at Target I usually take a few minutes to browse the Spot’s Playground area and see what is new there. Recently, they had a cool, retro themed summer collection that I had to get some things from.

This collection features shades of pink and jade green and has a Palm Springs vacation vibe. There are several retro looking hotel signs, some cute frames, luggage inspired storage boxes, and light up plastic figures. (There are also some ceramic boxes in cactus and flamingo shapes. I didn’t purchase any of them.)

This is one of the signs:

Pink and green hotel sign

I got these two figures: 

A pink Cadillac and an Airstream trailer.

They also had a retro looking motel and a tiki bar. I wasn’t sure where I would put them, so I didn’t get either of these, even though I was tempted by the motel one.

These are the frames:

This is the storage box I got:

Green suitcase looking box with motel sign on the front.

There also was one with stripes in two shades of green. I really like the color scheme of this collection and that it fits in with my love of vintage Americana. The items seem good quality for the prices too.

Here’s an update to yesterday’s lipstick post. The lipstick from came today, and It looked like it was newer stock than the one I had gotten from Walgreens.

Two lipsticks on a table.

The one on the right is the one from Amazon. I did some research online and that looks like the current Maybelline packaging. The Walgreens one does look like the older style. (When I opened that lipstick yesterday I wondered about it’s age too, because the top looked a bit worn and like it had been sitting around for a while.) After seeing the packaging difference, I am now wondering just how old it really is.

I was happy to see that the second lipstick did not look used. (There was a mark on the side that I think came from scraping on the side of the component. That, I have no problem with.) That was a very pleasant resolution to this.

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