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Self Care Sunday

Today is the first Sunday in actual spring. (And Palm Sunday for some.) Unfortunately, it looks more like winter out. (I am thankful that the storm doesn’t seem as bad as they predicted. We’ll have to wait and see what the next couple of days bring.)

A winter view of a street taken from an upper floor window

I’ve spent a pleasant day relaxing at home. It was refreshing after the busy couple of weeks I’ve had.

Yesterday was a pretty nice day out and as well as doing laundry and tidying up around the apartment I went to the Co-op and then to Target. I hadn’t really planned the Target trip but then I remembered that their Diane Von Furstenberg collaboration dropped on the 23rd. There were a number of cute dresses in the collection but they’re not really my style. (Plus, most of them do not have pockets.) I did try on one dress but I wasn’t sure about the style and how often I would wear it. Not to mention, it was smaller than my usual size and was a little tight under the arms. I ended up not getting it.

A display of dresses and other clothes in Target
Part of the display at the Target I go to.

I did order a couple things for in store pickup and picked those up.  It was lucky that I looked in the bag before leaving the store because the nail polish I had been given was not the color I ordered. I went back to the service desk and ended up having to return that item. (There weren’t any bottles of the color nail polish I wanted in stock.) That was fine, and after taking care of that I went to order the color I wanted on the Target website. That was when I found out that I would have to spend $35 in order to order it for shipping. What the heck? I expected to have to pay for shipping and I wouldn’t have had a problem with that. I never thought I couldn’t order it at all without adding items I don’t want to the order. (The color I wanted wasn’t available for pickup at any store near me so I didn’t have any other choice but to order it if I wanted it.)

I contacted customer service by chat and was eventually able to order the item. The customer service person had to add additional items to my cart and then cancel them after the order was placed. It’s ridiculous that you have to go to those lengths to make a small order. I was feeling pretty annoyed after this and have been wondering when Target started this policy and why. 

As I said, I get charging for shipping on smaller orders. That’s a pretty standard practice. If they were just doing that it would be no biggie.

Not allowing The orders to be placed at all though is new and it’s a practice I really don’t like. I don’t really understand their thinking either. As long as the customer is willing to pay for shipping what does it matter if they are just buying a $10 item? Other sites will ship inexpensive items with no problem.

Cute item of the week:These flower petal earrings I got earlier in the week. They are a perfect pop of spring for a wintry feeling day. (And the lavender is the perfect match for a couple of my dresses.)

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