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My Pinup Style Journey

I have been interested in life in the 50s and 60s and vintage fashion for a long time. (I can’t remember when my interest first started but I remember reading vintage beauty books as a teen and young adult and having an interest in antiques and midcentury dishes and furnishings at that same time. I’ve also had a long time admiration for the style of Bettie Page and Dita Von Teese.

I didn’t start dressing in the pinup style until 2019. (I did wear some vintage elements before that though. Things like high waisted trousers and pencil skirts and I’ve long loved red lipstick and nail polish.) Here are several pictures from 2017 that show my first pinup-type looks.

I started reading some blogs and books about Bettie Page and pinup style and it made me want to dress that way more.

I got my first couple of pinup dresses in the spring of 2019 from I also got my first petticoat. It was also from Amazon. I don’t remember the brand of that one, but the subsequent petticoats I purchased were Grace Karin and I have been very happy with them and been wearing them ever since.

I also learned about vintage style makeup and Besame cosmetics around that same time. As a red lipstick lover I was thrilled by the range of shades and the vintage colors. (I also had been watching the Agent Carter TV series and I liked that they had the colors used on the show. I was disappointed that I missed out on some of the special tie in collection though.)

In the summer of 2019 after reading more vintage blogs and exploring content on Tumblr I was introduced to brands such as Vixen by Micheline Pitt and Pinupgirl Clothing. I bought my first Vixen dress in August of that year and I have been loyal to the brand ever since. (I bought my first Pinupgirl dress in 2020.) Inloved the quality and style of the pieces and the fact that they have big pockets. 

The pockets spoiled me. I rarely wear dresses and skirts without pockets now. Most of my wardrobe is Vixen and Pinupgirl pieces. I do also have a good bit from Unique Vintage and Hellbunny Clothing as well. These dresses aren’t the cheapest but they are well made and will last a long time. (The first couple dresses I got on Amazon shrunk when they were washed and didn’t last more than a year or so. My Vixen pieces from 2019 are still in good condition now.)

Since then, I have worn the pinup style pretty consistently. I have gotten a few negative comments but that is more than balanced out by the compliments and positive comments I get. I’ve even had people say that seeing me brightened their day. Here are a few recent looks. (All Vixen dresses.)

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