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    Self Care Sunday- Retro Target Finds

    When I shop at Target I usually take a few minutes to browse the Spot’s Playground area and see what is new there. Recently, they had a cool, retro themed summer collection that I had to get some things from. This collection features shades of pink and jade green and has a Palm Springs vacation vibe. There are several retro looking hotel signs, some cute frames, luggage inspired storage boxes, and light up plastic figures. (There are also some ceramic boxes in cactus and flamingo shapes. I didn’t purchase any of them.) This is one of the signs: I got these two figures:  A pink Cadillac and an Airstream trailer.…

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    Self Care Sunday

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day. We’re getting close to the first day of Spring, but it felt more like winter today. It was cold and windy and there were even a few snowflakes. I actually broke out the scarf and warm gloves again. (Along with my warm coat and knit cap.) I felt a little out of place while out doing my shopping all bundled up like that while everyone else seemed to be wearing light jackets and hoodies. I even saw someone in shorts. (He may how come from working out at the gym that is in the same mall as the supermarket I was going to, but it still…

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    Self Care Sunday

    It’s that time of year I hate. The day after Daylight Savings time begins. (I still don’t understand why Daylight Savings time is still a thing. It made sense when we were an agrarian society and when lots of kids were walking to and from school. Neither are the case now. They should just abolish the whole thing and keep time the same all year.) I always dislike losing an hour, and it takes a while to get used to it being lighter later. The only positives are that I can take outfit pictures more easily in the evening if necessary and I can go for walks later. Thankfully, this…

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    Self Care Sunday

    It’s March now and starting to feel like spring. At least temperature wise it is. Today it was in the upper 60s. (It was also gray for part of the day and very windy. ) I went out for a short walk anyway. It was pleasant but there weren’t many interesting things to photograph since everything is still pretty brown and bare. March is always a transition month. It seems a little less so this year because of how warm and snow free the winter has been. That being said, I still like spring and look forward to the bright flowers, holidays, and new makeup and lighter clothes. I have…

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    Self Care Sunday- Positive thinking and safeguarding your mental health

    Don’t let anyone or anything to dull your sparkle.”  ― Pradeepa Pandiyan Self care can be more than taking care of your skin or your body. It also can be about taking care of your mental health and wellbeing. Today I want to talk about following your own path and not letting negativity affect you and bring you down.  I had a lesson in that today when I was told that a number of people still talk about me behind my back a lot. (Also, the fact that a few people still think I am transgender for some reason.) My initial reaction is to wonder what I’m doing wrong and what…