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Back to the 50s 2024

Happy 4th of July. I’m finally getting around to posting some things from last month.

After debating for a while I did decide to go to the Back to the 50s car show on June 22nd. The weather was gloomy but mild that day.
I got to the Fairgrounds a little after noon, which was still in time to see most of the pinup contest. It was interesting to see the kinds of outfits the contestants chose and how the pageant worked. In the first round the contestants were introduced and the emcee said a few things about them. (I’m assuming they were asked to answer these questions after their applications were accepted.) The questions were: what your favorite classic car is, who is your vintage celebrity crush, who is your pinup inspiration, what song you would go cruising to, and something unique about you. The contestants paled around the stage and posed while they were being talked about.

The second round narrowed things down to eleven semifinalists. Each of these women were asked a different question. Between rounds, a rockabilly band played. I enjoyed listening to the music and watching some people dancing near the stage. Five finalists were picked in the third round. They were all asked the same question, what does back to the 50s mean to them. The contest ended with the selection of the runner up and the winner. Here are some pictures from the contest.

After the contest, I walked around and looked at all the classic cars. That was nice until it started raining. Thankfully I had brought my umbrella, and it wasn’t windy out. (I did end up getting pretty damp, but it could have been a lot worse.)

I’m not sorry I went, and I found the whole thing enjoyable and a pleasant way to spend the afternoon of my birthday. It also gives me more to think about in regard to preparing for the pinup contest. I still would like to try competing next year. I’m not sure if I’d have a chance of winning but it would be fun to give it a shot.

Here are a few pinup related things I got this year.

Learning to style my hair is going to be the biggest challenge. Partly because I’ve never done much hair styling before, and partly because I have short hair. Most Rockabilly and pinup styles seem to be for medium or long hair. There are some options for short hair though. Trying some of those should be fun. (Also growing out my bangs a bit so I can have proper Bettie Bangs.)

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