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    Ipsy: Did I make a mistake?

    I just signed up for the Ipsy Glam bag and Glam bag plus today. Actually I started the process earlier this month and finally decided to take the plunge today. Ever since I started my profile I had been receiving emails every few days offering things like free gifts for completing sign up. One of these emails said I would skip the waitlist. Imagine my surprise when I signed up today and found I was still on the waitlist. I posted to Facebook as requested (twice actually, once for the regular bag and once for the plus) and am still on the waitlist. WTF? I have mixed feelings about the…

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    Lamenting the lack of dressing up

    What is happening to society and it’s standards?  I wonder about this every time I go somewhere where dressing up would generally be expected and see what a lot of people are wearing. Shorts and flip flops at museums. Jeans or shorts at the theater. Is nothing special anymore? I remember when I was a little girl and going downtown to shop was something special and you wouldn’t just wear any old clothes to go. I also remember when “Sunday best” was still a thing.  It makes me sad to think that we as a society may have gotten to a point where everything is mundane and nothing is worth…

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    Grand Old Day mini rant

    Today was Grand Old Day. The weather was perfect; sunny and not too hot. I had a good time watching the parade and walking down the avenue. There is always lots to see, along with great people watching. This year for the second time they had live wrestling in one of the stage areas. I was looking forward to watching again since I enjoyed it a lot last year. I arrived at the stage area and found out that you needed a wristband in able to enter. Last year you hadn’t needed one if you weren’t buying beer. I ended up having to watch from outside the festival garden area.…