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Lamenting the lack of dressing up

What is happening to society and it’s standards? 

I wonder about this every time I go somewhere where dressing up would generally be expected and see what a lot of people are wearing. Shorts and flip flops at museums. Jeans or shorts at the theater. Is nothing special anymore? I remember when I was a little girl and going downtown to shop was something special and you wouldn’t just wear any old clothes to go. I also remember when “Sunday best” was still a thing. 

It makes me sad to think that we as a society may have gotten to a point where everything is mundane and nothing is worth putting in a little effort to look good for. Also that we may have lost a sense of appropriateness and respect for our surroundings. Anything goes is a great song but it isn’t a great way to live. (I’m not knocking casual clothes. I just think there are certain times and places for them.)

Every time I go out somewhere I notice the people around me and almost everyone seems to be dressed for comfort and with little thought of style. You do see the occasional person who put in some effort but they are the exception and not the rule.

How most people dress at a museum

I’m probably odd in this but I wish things like hats and gloves and dressing up for things would come back. I also think that would make society a more pleasant place. (There are no guarantees of course, but I would hope that if people were dressed nicely they would behave better.) It also would show respect for other people and the place or event you are going to and that you thought the event was something special.

How I dress to go to a museum

I don’t want to go back to the 50s where women didn’t have the rights and opportunities they have now. (Society certainly isn’t perfect but it is much improved.) I would like to go back to a time where pride in your appearance and class seemed to be more in evidence. Not to mention it’s fun to get all dolled up to go places. I would love it if we got to a point where people didn’t look at you strangely when you wear a dress or hat or ask where you are going all dressed up or what the occasion is. (I might be weird but “dressed up” is the norm for me and the “occasion” doesn’t have to be anything more than it’s Wednesday.)

Also, the issue to me isn’t that people want to be casual or comfortable. The issue is how far a lot of people have gone to achieve that. Things like wearing pajamas and slippers in public, ratty sweats and t-shirts, flip flops and unkempt hair. You can still be comfortable and look nice. Decent jeans or pants with a nice top. (Even a t-shirt), clean sneakers or some kind of proper shoes, maybe some complementary accessories. It seems like only the older generations put in any effort now. (I realize this doesn’t apply to all younger people. It just seems like it fits a lot of them.)

I just wish people would take pride in their appearance and put in a little effort, even if they don’t want to dress up.

Just my .02 anyway.

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