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It’s not just Stanley Cups and collectibles

Reselling collectibles and other in demand items is nothing new. I’ve known for years (and been annoyed by) the fact that people buy up hot items like sneakers, game consoles, limited edition items and resell them at prices that are way higher than retail. What I didn’t know until now was that people were doing the same thing with inexpensive items like seasonal decor from the Bullseye’s Playground area at Target.

That’s really a shame because there are some super cute items and this makes it hard for people to get them if they aren’t there right when things are put out. (I’m not talking about someone buying several of an item. I’m thinking more about people clearing out parts of the section just to resell the items.)

And the prices resellers are charging. This frame retails for $3.00 and someone is selling it for $19.00.

An example of the reselling I’m talking about

I get asking for a little extra to cover site fees and compensate for their time. Prices like this seem excessive though. They also make affordable decor and household items not so affordable for a lot of people.

I also wonder what made these Target items become so sought after. Sure they’re cute, but they’re not designer or some fancy brand. (I’m equally puzzled about people reselling things from Dollar Tree.) How and when did this become a thing? Is this all because of TikTok and influencers? This seems like a really recent phenomenon.

I’d like some of the Valentines items, but not at these prices. I wouldn’t use them just for February either. They would become part of my regular decor like some of the Halloween items have.

Snake sun at her from Target

I got this to go in my Slytherin themed bedroom. I think it fits really well with my other wall decor. Here is an example of some of that decor.

Some of my wall decor items

It still puzzles me why stores don’t have limits on more things or at least stop people who are obviously resellers. That would make things more fair for everyone. (Of course, they might not get as much money that way so I can see why stores don’t go out of their way to stop reselling. At the very least they should make popular items non returnable or have a return window of less than a week on them. That would make things easier for the employees too.

After reading about seasonal decor items being so hard to find, I was pleasantly surprised when I went to my local Target yesterday and found all of the things I wanted still in stock. (I originally thought I was out of luck on the frames and then released I had walked right by them without noticing.

Some of what I picked up

Here is some of what I got. I also got the creamer and sugar bowl set.

Valentines cream and sugar set

Overall, I was very happy. My feelings about scalpers and resellers still stand though. Also about companies who don’t make enough of popular items when they are able to. (Legitimate things like materials shortages are a different story.)

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