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Wearing white after Labor Day

Since it’s Labor Day weekend I’ve been wondering if anyone still follows the rule of not wearing white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. I know I usually don’t. At least strictly.

I don’t start using my white purses or wearing white sandals before then but I do wear white skirts and dresses. I also still wear dresses with white in them and white jewelry after Labor Day. I usually don’t wear all white outfits though, or carry a totally white purse.

Do fashion rules like this matter anymore? Did they ever really matter? I’ve always liked making my own rules. Even back in the 90s I’d wear white any time of the year.

Me standing at a rack in front of a clothing store

This picture was taken in October 1996 on a trip to Sacramento and San Francisco. I didn’t feel out of place at all rocking that all white outfit.

Nowadays, it seems rule’s definitely aren’t followed. People wear what they want when they want. Heck, it’s difficult to get people to even dress up anymore.

On one hand that is a good thing since a lot of fashion rules such as when to wear white came about in a time where society was more divided by class, and dress was a way to differentiate the upper class from ordinary working people. (Also, avoiding white in the city was necessary at that time because sanitation was poor and white clothing would get dirty almost right away.)

On the other hand, it was nice when there were standards for some things. Today it seems like anything goes.

Here are a few mostly white outfits and white items I would wear at other times besides in the summer.

Me in a dress and pink shoes

This is a sundress from the Edward Scissorhands collab from Vixen by Micheline Pitt. I am wearing a top from Pinupgirl Clothing under it. In cooler weather I would probably wear tights and flats or Doc Martens with it as well.

This is the 1950s sundress in vintage roses print, also from Vixen.

I am wearing a red Powderpuff top from Vixen under the dress in the first two pictures. I would wear that or a longer sleeved white top, tights, and Doc Martens or closed pumps in cooler weather.

This is a Jenny dress in vintage harlequin print from Pinupgirl Clothing. I am wearing a Vixen top underneath it. I would also wear this with tights and boots in cooler weather.

Accessories like these can be worn year round. The sunglasses are from Von Maur. The necklace is from

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