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    Free Comic Book Day 2019

    Free Comic Book Day is one of my favorite days in May. The weather didn’t disappoint this year either. It was sunny and around 70 degrees. Just about perfect in my estimation. Leading up to the day, I was thinking of wearing a Darth Vader costume since it would be May 4th this year and I have a Darth Vader mask a friend gave me. I looked up ideas online and found a cool idea for making a Vader shirt with duct tape. I bought some duct tape yesterday and tried it. The shirt actually looks pretty cool. (I’ll probably use it for Halloween this year.) I also bought a…

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    Latest Geeky Haul

    Several weeks ago I heard about the Her Universe Captain Marvel collection. Of course I was interested. (I love Her Universe clothes and anything Marvel related.) I went to Hot Topic recently and picked up a t-shirt from that collection and some pieces of jewelry. (Captain Marvel related but not Her Universe.) Here is what I got. I only intended to get two necklaces but the jewelry was buy 2 get 2 free so I got the earrings and the Ravenclaw necklace as well. (I’m a proud Slytherin but I still think the diadem necklace looks cool.) Here is how the shirt looks on. In retrospect I probably should have…