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Summer of Dresses Redux

A few years ago a group in the Twin Cities started a project called Summer of Dresses where they resolved to wear more dresses throughout the summer. I read about it when it started in 2010 and thought it was a cool idea. (I’ve thought for a long time that people should dress up more and this was a great start to that.) Unfortunately that project doesn’t seem to be going on anymore and the website, is no longer around.

I started doing my version in 2017 since I spend most of the warm weather in skirts and dresses. This year I’m doing it again. (I meant to last year but for one reason or another never got around to it.)

Any day is an opportunity to look sharp as far as I’m concerned and I’d love to encourage more people to do it.

Dressing well doesn’t have to cost much either. Most of the dresses I’m wearing in my posts here and on Instagram and Tumblr were purchased at thrift of secondhand shops of from places like Goodwill.

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