Deep Thoughts

The Desert is bleeding

The desert is bleeding
the government is lying
the oil is flowing
the people are dying
freedom is eroding
privacy gone
terrorists around every corner
protest signs on the lawn
e-mails scrutinized
affiliations known
everyone’s a suspect
every letter a threat
the patriot act is unconstitutional
that hasn’t stopped anyone yet.

Meditations on the abyss 3

who are you?
a name? a number? data in a government computer?
where are you going?
to church? to school? to a meeting of a suspect organization?
what do you want?
peace, delight, trouble
adolescent rebellion?
to subvert the dominant paradigm?
we’re watching and waiting,
we know where you go, who you see, and what you do.
one sign, one word, one act of sedition,
you’re on our list
this is for your own good,
for national security
do the right thing and be rewarded
rebel and pay the price
who do you serve and who do you trust?
we know and we’re watching
for your own good.

And the land cried out…

In the beginning there was land and there was the coalition
the coalition invaded the land
in the name of liberation
the coalition said
“rejoice, you are free”
and the land cried out
“our cities lie in ruins”
the coalition said
“your dictator is gone”
and the land cried out
“our children are starving”
the coalition said
“we’ll give you a new government”
and the land cried out
“our families are dead”
the coalition said
“we know what’s best”
and the land cried out
“our environment is poisoned”
the coalition said
“this war was just”
and the world cried out
“who wins and who loses? who profits and who dies? war is not the answer.”