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Several weeks ago I heard about the Her Universe Captain Marvel collection. Of course I was interested. (I love Her Universe clothes and anything Marvel related.)

I went to Hot Topic recently and picked up a t-shirt from that collection and some pieces of jewelry. (Captain Marvel related but not Her Universe.) Here is what I got.

I only intended to get two necklaces but the jewelry was buy 2 get 2 free so I got the earrings and the Ravenclaw necklace as well. (I’m a proud Slytherin but I still think the diadem necklace looks cool.)

Here is how the shirt looks on.

In retrospect I probably should have gotten the extra small t-shirt but the small is very comfortable and I like having a little extra room in case it shrinks in the wash.

The necklaces are very cool looking. My only complaint is the length of the chains. (A safety pin takes care of that though.)

Overall I am very happy with the shirt and necklaces and have been wearing them often since I got them.

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