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Ipsy: Did I make a mistake?

I just signed up for the Ipsy Glam bag and Glam bag plus today. Actually I started the process earlier this month and finally decided to take the plunge today. Ever since I started my profile I had been receiving emails every few days offering things like free gifts for completing sign up. One of these emails said I would skip the waitlist.

Imagine my surprise when I signed up today and found I was still on the waitlist. I posted to Facebook as requested (twice actually, once for the regular bag and once for the plus) and am still on the waitlist. WTF?

I have mixed feelings about the waitlist anyway and how legit it is if you can get off for posting on social media. I’d understand if it was a legitimate limited amount of products available. (If That was the case there wouldn’t be a way to “jump the line” so to speak.) This seems like false scarcity and jerking people around.

Despite this, I’m still interested in the bags and hope I can get off the waitlist ASAP. Once I do I will post about the bags and boxes and maybe do some unboxing/ try on videos.

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