Free Comic Book Day 2019

Free Comic Book Day is one of my favorite days in May.

The weather didn’t disappoint this year either. It was sunny and around 70 degrees. Just about perfect in my estimation.

Leading up to the day, I was thinking of wearing a Darth Vader costume since it would be May 4th this year and I have a Darth Vader mask a friend gave me. I looked up ideas online and found a cool idea for making a Vader shirt with duct tape.

Darth Vader shirt
Here is the shirt. Just about done except for some color on the control box.

I bought some duct tape yesterday and tried it. The shirt actually looks pretty cool. (I’ll probably use it for Halloween this year.) I also bought a Darth Vader lightsaber on to add to my collection.

The lightsaber replica
Me holding Darth Vader mask
Me in the shirt with the Darth Vader mask.

I ended up wearing my 13th Doctor cosplay instead. (I had been torn between the two ideas all along and the Doctor won out.) I’m glad I did.

The comic shop I go to usually has a number of professional cosplayers there for Free Comic Book Day And a few attendees usually dress up. This year there weren’t any superhero cosplayers and almost no one dressed up. There was another person dressed as the 13th Doctor, some kids in costume, and a couple of guys in Spider-Man suits. I was a little disappointed there wasn’t more of a party atmosphere; especially with the Avengers movie out now.

Outside the shop
The outside of the shop.

Statue with cape and scarf

A statue by the door wearing a 4th Doctor scarf.

Inside of the shop with banners

Some of the inside of the shop.

Me in costume

My cosplay, minus the coat

I got my free comics with no problem. This year they also had goodie bags promoting Galaxy-Con.

Bag and goodies
The Galaxy Con bag and goodies
Comics spread out
The comics I got

I browsed around a bit and ended up buying a sonic screwdriver flashlight and a Star Trek Discovery badge. (They only had medical division ones. I’m thinking of incorporating that into my Doctor Who cosplay in some way.)

Flashlight in package
The sonic screwdriver flashlight
Star Trek badge
The Star Trek badge

I checked out the comics I got when I got home and was disappointed to see I didn’t get the Doctor Who one or the Stranger Things one. (This is the second time since I have been going to FCBD that I didn’t get the Doctor Who Comic.)

Later that day a friend gave me a couple retro looking DC figures. (From the Retro-action range that came out in 2010.)

Wonder Woman figureCheetah figureBack of package

Except for not getting the Doctor Who Comic it was quite a fun day. (I tried to order the Doctor Who Comic On-Line and thought I was set. I then got an email on Monday saying the order was canceled because I was just ordering Free Comic Book Day comics and nothing else. I was surprised the site didn’t have an option to pay a couple bucks each just for those. I was paying shipping regardless.)

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