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1930 Noir Red


This is the latest Bésame lipstick I’ve purchased. (I want to reiterate that all the Besame products I’m posting about have been purchased with my own money and not received as promotional items.)

I’ve always had an affinity for the 1920s, flappers, and Art Deco style.

Here I am at a 1920s party several years ago

Since this color (and Blood Red) are replicas of 1920s colors (and Noir Red was part of the Gatsby collection several years ago.) I was very interested in them.

Here is the lipstick (with my powder rouge next to it.)

Noir red is a dark, blackberry color. It looks very dramatic against pale skin like mine. Some fair skinned people might not like that. (Depends on the looks you go for. As someone into goth style as well as rockabilly/vintage it’s right up my alley.)

Here’s a swatch of the color.

I really like this shade and am glad I bought it. I have also gotten a number of compliments since I started wearing it.

Here is another look at the color on me.

This is the third Besame lipstick I bought. I originally wasn’t planning on getting another one right now but when I saw this was based on Marilyn Monroe’s favorite color I couldn’t resist. (I’ve been a big Marilyn fan for years.)

The packaging is pretty as all Bésame lipsticks are.

The color is a bright, warm toned red. After reading reviews and looking at swatches I was a little concerned it would look too orange on me. After trying it I saw happily that It didn’t.

It feels light on the lips and wears well without feathering. The texture seems a bit creamier than some of the other Bésame colors but it doesn’t feel greasy or like it will smear a lot.

I am very pleased with the color and how it looks on me, and happy that I bought it.

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Red Velvet 1946


This is one of the colors that introduced me to the Bésame Cosmetics brand. (It didn’t hurt that it was the color worn by Hayley Atwell on the Agent Carter TV show.)

It is a beautiful dark red and I have been loving it ever since I got it earlier this month.

The packaging is beautiful too.

It applies smoothly, like the other Bésame lipsticks I’ve tried and feels light on the lips.

I was concerned at first that I wouldn’t like the shade or it would be too dark but both concerns turned out to be unfounded.

The color looks great on me and works with a variety of outfits. It has become one of my go-to colors and I’ve been wearing it a lot.

Here is another look at the color with a different outfit.

I would definitely recommend this color to anyone who likes red lipstick and lipstick History.

Check it out here. Bésame Cosmetics

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V for Victory (Red)

 As I mentioned in the previous post, I’ve been a red lipstick lover for years. Last week I was doing a Google search for something 40s makeup related and a few of the links I went to mentioned Bésame Cosmetics. I had never heard of the brand before. Seeing as that I am a fan of all things vintage beauty I was immediately interested.
I checked out their website and was taken by the beautiful packaging and the variety of red lipsticks available. I was also interested to learn about the Agent Carter 1946 collection. Unfortunately, as commonly happens with me I was finding out about it a few months after the fact and it was mostly sold out. I did find the powder and eyeshadow palette on another site. (Those will be featured in future posts.) I’m gutted I couldn’t find the Sweet Dreams lipstick though.
I also saw they had a special set with Victory Red lipstick and nail polish and a cool looking pin. I ended up ordering that and a Red Velvet lipstick.
Here is what the set looks like.
I thought the packaging was very cool looking. (As was the pin.)
I tried the lipstick and nail polish several days ago. (I’ll review the nail polish in another post.) 
The packaging really is very pretty in person.
I had read a number of reviews of the color and was looking forward to wearing it. I was also slightly apprehensive because several reviews talked about the squared off shape of the lipstick being awkward to use and that the lipstick transfers easily.
Once I put it on I knew I had nothing to worry about.
The lipstick applied easily and I had little trouble with the shape. (The fact that I have full lips might help with that. I can imagine someone with thin lips might find it a bit more challenging..)
I had been concerned that it would have too much slip or be greasy. I found instead that the texture was semi-matte as promised and felt like nothing on my lips.
The color is a bright, true red that is somewhat blue based. I thought it looked very good with my fair skin.
I followed the suggestion to apply, then blot, then apply again. I found that left a nice finish with little transferring. (There was still some so if you are used to super matte or ultra long wearing lipsticks you might be displeased. I personally don’t worry about that or care if lipstick transfers a little.) It wore well for the four hours I had it on, even after being out in a snowstorm.
I didn’t try eating with it on because I generally remove my lipstick before eating or drinking because I don’t like eating lipstick.
Here’s a closer up look at my lips. (I’m still getting the hang of taking close up makeup photos.)
Overall I am extremely happy with the color and wear and think this will be one of my go to reds. 


Welcome to the chaos!

Since it’s Valentines month I thought I would focus on red lipstick and other makeup.

I’ve had a love affair with red lipstick for as long as I can remember. There’s just something about the color that makes me feel powerful whenever I wear it.

There is also the aspect of history and old Hollywood glamour that appeals to a vintage fan like me.

Here is just a part of my red lipstick collection.

I just love trying different shades and variations on the color and different textures like matte and glossy. You can’t go wrong with a classic red lip. It goes with almost everything and elevates a casual outfit into something special.

Here I am wearing one of my favorite reds, MAC Russian Red.

I first bought this color a number of years ago when I was on vacation in San Francisco. It’s been a consistent go-to ever since. The rest of my makeup in the picture is MAC as well. (And looks surprisingly good considering it was done in the morning and the picture was taken in the early evening.)